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Lightning Talk: What’s Coming with Appium 2.0? - Jonathan Lipps, HeadSpin, Appium Project Lead Lightning Talk: Building a Community Inside your Company - Jean Burellier, Euler Hermes (Allianz Group) TBA Lightning Talk: Node-RED installer, Standalone Installer using Electron - Kazuhito Yokoi, Hitachi, Ltd. TBA ML at Client Side - Muthukumarswamy B, Enquero TBA Lightning Talk: Event Based Communication in Complex Micro-service Architecture - Sapna Upreti & Prabal Raghav, NodeXperts (a Unit of Successive Technology) TBA (Ͼ˳Ͽ)...Check-my-repo!!! - Paloma Oliveira, Sauce Labs TBA A Robust, Modular UI Automation Framework with WebdriverIO - Olga Smolyar, InterSystems Automation as a Core IT Principle - Jean Burellier, Euler Hermes (Allianz Group) TBA Developer Workflow Automation with GitHub Actions (CI/CD) - Brian Douglas, GitHub TBA Fighting Covid with Serverless and JavaScript - David Gonzalez, NearForm TBA Integrating Containers in JavaScript - Lucas Santos, Microsoft TBA Internet of Things (IoT) with Node: Both Practical and Fun! - Jesse Gorzinski, IBM & Michael Dawson, Red Hat TBA Kubernetes for Everyone - Sendil Kumarn, Uber TBA Shifting-left and Right to Test a web app with CI - Nikolay Advolodkin, Sauce Labs TBA Wrap WebdriverIO to Build your Test Framework - Soumya Mukherjee, APTY.IO TBA Write Great Code, in the Cloud - Linda Nichols, Microsoft TBA A "fast" Introduction to Fastify - Matteo Collina, NearForm TBA Facilitating and Demonstrating your Growth as a Node.js Developer - David Mark Clements JavaScript the Grumpy Parts - Rob Richardson, @rob_rich TBA Lightning Talk: Node-RED Update - Nick O'Leary, Node-RED Project Lead Node.js Diagnostic Best Practices - Gireesh Punathil, IBM India & Mary Marchini, Netflix TBA Panel: Node.js Package Maintenance Working Group: Year 3 - Glenn Hinks, American Express; Bethany Griggs, Red Hat; Darcy Clarke, Github; Dominykas Blyze, NearForm; Rodion Abdurakhimov, Aspire Global TBA Responsible Coding for a Better Future - Lucile Jerber & Stephane Rodet, IBM Take a Trip through JSLandia - Joe Sepi, IBM & Jory Burson, Linux Foundation TBA Take the Leap into Open Source Projects - Tim Lai, SmartBear Software TBA Web Monetization and the Future of Advertising - Briana Marbury, Interledger Foundation TBA What is Open Source? - Tobie Langel, UnlockOpen TBA Application Modernization with Camel JavaScript and OpenShift - Ip Sam & Wuxin Zeng, Red Hat TBA Building Modern Native Add-ons for Node.js in 2021 - Kevin Eady, Hive Streaming & Gabriel Schulhof TBA Crafting Bespoke PWA Experiences with Angular - Mark Thompson, Google TBA Making Capacitor Flux with NativeScript and an Ionic Friend - Nathan Walker, nStudio LLC TBA Node.js Deep Debugging - Gireesh Punathil, IBM India TBA Node.js: The New and the Experimental - Bethany Griggs, Red Hat TBA One Source to Rule them All - John Niedzwiecki, Disney Streaming Services TBA Shiver My Timbers! Migrating yargs to ECMAScript Modules - Benjamin Coe, Google TBA Testing EcmaScript Modules - David Mark Clements The Phantom of the App: Background Services - Maxim Salnikov, Microsoft TBA Type-safe GraphQL with TypeScript - Aaron Powell, Microsoft TBA Upgrading to Fastify 3 - Austin Akers, Microsoft Aligning Node.js with the Web Platform - James M Snell, NearForm TBA Building Strongly Typed REST Clients with Typescript - Jose Manuel Heredia Hidalgo, Microsoft Cloud Native Landscape for Node.js Developers - Upkar Lidder, IBM TBA JavaScript and the MySQL Shell - David Stokes, Oracle TBA JavaScript Powered Smart Home With (Almost) No Code - Joel Lord, MongoDB TBA Notebooks in VS Code - Tanha Kabir, Microsoft Unlocking High Performing Teams with Open Source - Tracy Miranda, Linux Foundation VS Code Tips and Tricks - Harald Kirschner, Microsoft Can we Double the Node.js HTTP Client Throughput? - Matteo Collina, NearForm TBA Demystifying Database Performance Issues with sqlcommenter - Jan Kleinert & Bala Chandrasekaran, Google TBA Hit the Ground Running with WebAssembly - Robert Aboukhalil, Invitae TBA Observing Node.js: Using Metrics to Improve your Application Performance - Guilherme Hermeto, Netflix TBA Safely Handling Dynamic Data with TypeScript - Ethan Arrowood, Microsoft TBA Master Production-grade Best Practices to Build your Node.js Docker Images - Liran Tal, Snyk TBA Package Vulnerability Management and Reporting Collaboration Space for OpenJS World - Darcy Clarke, Github & Wes Todd, Netflix secure.AllTheThings() - Make Security Accessible to Everyone! - Christian Bromann & Justin Dolly, Sauce Labs Webpackage is Probably One of the Greatest Opportunities to Make the Web More Secure and Reliable - Vladimir de Turckheim, Datadog
Thursday, June 3

7:00am PDT

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